Puzzle Shifter can be offered to your team through our online platform, or if you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) we can integrate directly with it to offer your staff a seamless experience. This means that no internal process’ need to be changed and you have full control of the reporting and outcomes of staff training.

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Targeted learning and assessment is not only relevant in the corporate world but can be very relevant when looking to assess participants in large, or indeed small motorsport events that are held every weekend around the country. We are very proud to have the opportunity to assist with the Adelaide Rally, in South Australia which is the largest event of its type in the southern hemisphere. Adelaide Rally opted to use our online service which is 100% browser based and can be rebranded to suit events as necessary, in this case The Motorsport Portal on Puzzle Shifter was born.

The Motorsport Portal uses the Puzzle Shifter philosophy to present safety briefing information to drivers, navigators, and officials, enabling event organisers to easily manage safety briefing assessment and in these post COVID-19 times removing the need for large gatherings. The use of Puzzle Shifter in this context, while not exactly how the product was imagined, demonstrates the versatility of the platform where education and assessment is required.

OUR Work Method

Reporting on staff or indeed driver progress through training, including up to date results is easily achieve through a web interface with no need to install any software locally. Puzzleshifter is 100% web based and compliant with all modern browsers on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.